1: The FourYearOld, a cancelled spinoff of Suits, exposes the main flaw of the new series.

2: Fans were disappointed when The FourYearOld failed to live up to the original Suits series.

3: The cancelation of The FourYearOld highlights the challenge of creating successful spinoffs.

4: The new series struggled to establish its own identity separate from Suits.

5: Viewers found it difficult to connect with the characters in The FourYearOld.

6: The FourYearOld's cancellation underscores the importance of strong storytelling in spinoff series.

7: The spinoff's failure serves as a cautionary tale for future attempts at expanding popular shows.

8: Ultimately, The FourYearOld's fate showcases the risks and rewards of producing spinoff series.

9: Although short-lived, The FourYearOld provides valuable lessons for creators looking to extend beloved shows.