1: Introducing Google Pixel, Galaxy S7, and iPhone 7 - top camera phones.

2: Pixel boasts a 12.3 MP camera, Galaxy S7 has 12 MP, iPhone 7 sports a 12 MP camera.

3: Google Pixel excels in low-light photography, while Galaxy S7 has impressive color accuracy.

4: iPhone 7 features optical image stabilization, enhancing video quality.

5: Google Pixel offers Smartburst mode for capturing fast-moving subjects.

6: Galaxy S7 includes a Pro mode for advanced camera settings.

7: iPhone 7 has a dual-camera system for better depth perception and portrait mode.

8: Google Pixel's HDR+ feature improves dynamic range in photos.

9: Conclusion - Consider camera specifications and features when choosing between Pixel, Galaxy S7, and iPhone 7.